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Floor Plans
First Floor:
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  dining room
  guest bedroom
  utility room
Second Floor:
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  master bathroom
  third bedroom
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  fifth bedroom

Ventilation &
Air Filtraion

Water Well
Septic System
Satellite TV
High Speed Internet
Included with the house

Map and Directions
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Ventilation and Air Filtration

Venmar HEPA 3000

The links below show HVAC plans for each floor of the house.

First Floor Ventilation Drawing

Second Floor Ventilation Drawing

Ventilation and Air Filtration System

All house ventilation and air filtration system Venmar HEPA 3000

The system is suspended in the utility room and desinged for houses of up to 3000 sq. feet. It exchanges, filters and if necessary heats the air at 70 cfm in normal mode and at 105 cfm in boost mode.

A quote from the Venmar web site:

In addition to providing excess humidity control and heat recovery functions, it can also help reduce symptoms of respiratory ailments and allergies, thanks to its remarkable HEPA filter, which captures 99.97% of all dust and particles even those as small as 0.3 micron ( 1 human hair = 150 microns).

Venmar remote control panel
Venmar remote panel

The remote panel is located in the hall. It has three modes:

  • Normal
  • Boost
  • Recirculation

The last one, recirculation, doesn't intake fresh air from outside and is primarily used during very cold winter temperatures. The filter maintenance indicator shows when it is time to replace filters. If the ventilation system is constantly running, then the pre-filter is usually replaced every 6 months and the main HEPA filter every year. The filters are available from The Home Depot and possible from other places. After the filter is replaced, press the Reset Filter button using a pin.

Bathroom fan

All rooms have ventilation registers built into the ceiling.

In the master bathroom there is NuTone 110 cfm fan and in two other bathrooms - 80 cfm fans. They are all super quiet models, 1.0 sone. One of them is shown on the picture below.

In the kitchen there is a Broan range hood fan vented outside that has 220 cfm and 1.5 sone when in high speed mode. It has two dish washer washable filters and two halogen 40W bulbs with low/high control switch.