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Water Well
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Water Well

Drilling a well

Drilling a well

The well was drilled by Mar-Wayne Drilling Services Ltd in August of 2002. Here is the an extract from their drilling report:

Formation Table
Depth in feet Lithology Description
0 - 10 Clay
32 Sandy Clay
86 Fine Sand
102 Coarse Sand
103 Gravel

They used 9-inch bore. The well depth is 102 feet. They dropped in 97 feet of 6 inch PVC pipe with the wall thickness 0.395. They grouted it 30 foot below the surface to protect from any possible surface contaminants. The bottom was packed with 875 lb of 0.275 washed rock. A 4 inch stainless screen with 0.12 slot size was attached to the PVC casing and extended from 97 feet down to 102.

Static water level was 4.28m. Here are the results of well performance after removing water for two hours at 28 GPM rate:

Well Yield
Elapsed time in minutes Recovery (water level in meters)
0 8.83
1 5.49
2 4.45
3 4.41
4 4.39
5 4.38
6 4.37
7 4.36
8 4.35
9 4.35
10 4.34
12 4.34
14 4.34
16 4.33
20 4.33
25 4.33
30 4.32
120 4.32

Based on the above data, they recommended water pumping rate 25 GPM. Therefore, they installed the stainless 1/2 h.p. 230 volt Grundfos pump at the depth of 25 meters.

The one inch water pipe that goes from the well to the house is well below the frost level, which is 1.2 m in Alberta. It is about 2.5 meter deep. For an extra protection in a crawl space, it has a taped around heating electrical cable. The cable has a thermostat that turns the heating on in case the temperature drops below 0° C.